About Marlyn


HI! I’m Marlyn Cazeau [Pronounced: Mar*leen ka*zo.]

My goal is to get you inspired. To move you into a life of integrity where self-love, dignity, and self-respect translates into all areas of your life; including relationships, physical and spiritual health.

A life of integrity is a life of truth. By owning the pain of your life, whether from DIVORCE, GRIEF, ABANDONMENT or DEPRESSION I will teach you to become a living, breathe-in example of what it is to exist in the truth of who you are.


Because I am a therapist, life coach, spiritual healer and Reiki practitioner, with a little urban flavor thrown in for good measure. A world citizen, and a New Yorker at heart.

When you work with me, despite the challenges you face, you will OWN THE PAIN in your life and use it to create the life of success you desire.

I know, because I did it.

Abandoned by my father, I entered an emotionally turbulent marriage which ended in divorce with a toddler in-tow. I’ve endured countless deaths, nights in the ER and turbulent family relationships which would put most of you in shock. lol.

I lived these experiences, and more importantly, I lived THROUGH these experiences.

I have helped countless women, couples and career executives unearth layers of hurt. We’ve uncovered wounds keeping them stuck in abusive relationships, low-paying jobs, life-draining friendships and nights spent drinking & over-eating.

100% AUTHENTIC, I am not a conventional therapist.  My approach is direct, spiritual and fun. I love to laugh & you will, too!

I care deeply for my clients and I believe in being as honest as possible, especially with the tough stuff. I don’t promise to be perfect, but I do promise to be genuine.


pre-Licensed Mental Health Counselor, with a specialization in trauma, sex-assault, PTSD, TBI and grief. My work focuses on a client’s physical and emotional health, relationships, parenting, finances, time management, grief, spirituality, and self-esteem. Certified Reiki practitioner. Reiki is ancient Japanese technique which treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit creating many beneficial effects that include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being. Intuitive Life Coach & chakra healer. Set up an appointment and together we will realize the highest vision for yourself and your life.

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