Powerfood: GHEE!

Ghee is making a comeback!


Great for cooking and taste, ghee is a higly nutritious “good” fat rich in oil soluble vitamins A, D and E. With a high smoke point of 250 degrees C / 482 degree F ghee has been used in South Asian cuisine for centuries and is considered a sattvic food, which means it promotes positive thinking and growth of consciousness. It is the newest “it” food being prescribed by many holistic and ayurvedic healers. and with so many benefits it is a definitely a POWER FOOD!!


The word ghee is Indian for clarified butter and is made by melting butter and separating the fat from milk solids and water. I am not a cook and the thought of melting butter till the milk solids brown sounds time-consuming and scary, so I decided on the working mom’s solution – slow cooker!

Plus, paying $4 for a jar of melted butter just seems silly. Here’s my easy recipe…

Step One: Start with pure, all-natural butter from cows not treated with rbST. Place 1-lb. in a slow cooker / crock pot.


Step Two: Turn the slow cooker on “low” (cover on or off) and let cook for up to 8 hours. Allow milk to separate (foam on top) till bits are brown & crispy.

Slow Cooker

Step Three: Strain. You may use a sieve, cheese cloth or coffee filter to remove browned bits.

Ghee - Strain

Step Four: Place in a jar. Refrigerate or leave in a cupboard. I leave it in a cupboard because I prefer to keep it at room temperature; plus, the rich, buttery scent is AMAZING and doesn’t evaporate as it would in the ‘fridge.

Ghee - Jar

Note: The freshly rendered butter will look brown, caramel in color. After a day it will turn into the bright, golden color below. 


Ghee - Jar